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Graeme is a problem solver first, litigator second. He works with clients to identify issues and corresponding solutions, with a passion for advising clients on how to reach the best outcome on any given matter. Graeme has particular interest and experience in administrative law, constitutional law, and appeals.
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Ascendion Law Preserves Acquittal on Distracted Driving Appeal

Are you “using” a cellphone if it is disabled from use and you are simply moving it? According to the Court of Appeal, the answer is “yes” under BC’s Distracted Driving laws.


WorkSafeBC and Planning for COVID-19

COVID-19 presents considerable challenges for BC businesses, employers and workers. Ascendion Law works with employers in navigating WorkSafeBC matters, and we wanted to highlight three key issues to keep in mind as you manage your business and protect your workers in this new environment.


WorkSafeBC’s exponential penalty policy: more money, fewer penalties

In 2016, WorkSafeBC revised how it calculates penalties against employers, and the effects can now be seen.


WorkSafeBC’s Health and Safety Guidelines

WorkSafeBC publishes explanatory documents called “Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines” on every part of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and many sections of the Workers Compensation Act and Policy. The guidelines provide additional information on the Regulation and the Act.


Think twice about transferring your "experience rating."

Whether as part of a sale or reorganization, it is often necessary to incorporate a new company to carry on the work of a previous company. 


Are you liable for your spouse’s fraud?

Ascendion Law’s Graeme Hooper recently won a victory in the Court of Appeal which clarifies the law on when you may be required to repay portions of your spouse's theft or fraud.