Debut at Court of Appeal


Presenting oneself before the court with your robes on is a major milestone in a lawyer's life in Canada, especially if you want to be a barrister.

Unfortunately, hundreds of young lawyers over the last two years have not been able to be called to the bar with the ceremony befitting that milestone. Our newest team member, Cory Russell, was one of those lawyers.

PXL_20220219_000603235.PORTRAITIt is important for young lawyers to get this start. At these ceremonies, we are reminded that we serve the broader Canadian public, the courts, and the justice system - not just the client in front of us.  So, a couple of weeks ago, when we argued a case before the Court of Appeal on a regulatory defense matter, the lawyers in our firm attended the court hearing. Cory sat as "second chair". And, at the end of the hearing, with the blessing of the court clerk who obtained consent from the bench ahead of time, I presented Cory before the court and welcomed her to our profession.

Justice Wilcock, who presided over our division, jumped in and gave a warm, welcoming speech to Cory. The Justice went above and beyond a simple acknowledgment of my words and took the time to welcome her. I am very thankful that the leaders and judges in our legal community can take the time and live the importance of these moments.

We wish Cory all the best with her career. We are thankful she chose Ascendion Law as a place to start. She is destined to do great things.