micro learning videos on ‍Criminal Secondary Liability

Ascendion Law is proud to partner with the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association to present a series of micro learning videos on ‍Criminal Secondary Liability for Directors, Officers, and Senior Employees. 

Our Principal, Chilwin Cheng, has filmed a series of videos for corporate counsel on this fast-evolving area of the law, sharing his insights and perspective as a regulatory and white-collar criminal defense lawyer. 

Our first video explores the difference between primary and secondary liability and the distinction between secondary liability and vicarious liability. It reviews how the Crown proves secondary liability, emphasizing the problematic concept of “acquiescence”. 

The second video discusses navigating the fine line when a mandatory regulatory inspection or audit shows warning signs that it may be crossing over into the territory of a criminal investigation, highlights some of the leading legal tests, and how corporate counsel can shield their company in these circumstances. 

And in our final video explores developing a successful defense strategy to protect the interests of your director, officer, or key employee in a criminal investigation or regulatory prosecution, including when you may wish to bring in external defense counsel.  

The videos were developed for in-house counsel. However, the material is highly relevant for any counsel providing advice to senior management of any organization who is charged with an offence under a regulatory statute. 

Visit our website to watch the video series https://www.ascendionlaw.com/ccca