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Chilwin is working to transform the legal industry and those served by it. He’s a skillful business litigator with deep experience in corporate and commercial litigation. He likes to get things done with great care and attention to detail and is meticulous when it comes to organization, gathering data, and assessing carefully all options for his clients before committing to the end result.
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Leading the industry in Innovation

The Canadian Bar Association - BC appointed Chilwin Cheng to its Innovation and Business Practice committee. The Committee identifies changes that impact lawyers' business and the practice of law.


We welcome Cory and Katy to Ascendion Law!

Cory graduated from the UK with an LL.B. and completed the requirements to commence articles in Canada. Cory starts articling with a prominent local Vancouver law firm next September. Meanwhile, Cory will share her international experience and expertise with us for the next year as a paralegal.


Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

Ascendion Law represented eighteen protestors who engaged in the act of civil disobedience at the Burnaby Terminal of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Despite our efforts, the court convicted our clients. We appealed that conviction.


Ascendion Law at CBA West 2019 Legal Conference

Chilwin Cheng will be presenting at this year's Canadian Bar Association's CBA West Legal Conference in Kelowna, B.C. on April 27.


Announcing a historic win for Ascendion Law

Ascendion Law has successfully defended the CEO of the former Banks Island Gold Inc. in a second trial associated with the alleged tailings spill at the Banks Island Gold mine site near Prince Rupert, BC.


Appeal in Trans Mountain Pipeline protest cases

Were Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi criminals? Should people involved in peaceful civil disobedience of court orders be labelled as criminals?


You don't have to be alone on Blue Monday

Blue Monday reminds lawyers that we report rates of mental illness, substance abuse, self-harm, and debilitating anxiety at rates higher than the population average. 


Ascendion Law is Growing with New Addition!

Ascendion Law is growing! Oliver Pulleyblank, a former clerk to Chief Justice McLachlin, is now working with us as Counsel. 


Why Lawyers are bad mediators

I just finished a mediation without success. And I realized one major issue is that lawyers are part of the problem.


The Insurance Council of BC and Continuing Education

Insurance Licensees should know of Policy ICN 17 - 005 - Failure to comply with the requirement for new licensees to complete the council rules course.