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Janessa Mason

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Janessa is an Associate Lawyer at Ascendion Law. Warm, diligent and passionate, Janessa is inspired by her duty as an advocate for people who cannot navigate the complex legal system on their own. Janessa likes to keep litigation from being intimidating. She demystifies the process by communicating with her clients regularly and transparently. She takes a proactive role in understanding her clients’ goals, advising on best practices and developing practical solutions. She describes her work as a “living tree,” constantly changing and growing with each case.
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2023 CABL BC Mentorship Program

As the Mentorship Director for the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (BC Chapter), it’s my role to develop the mentorship program connecting Black lawyers in BC with Black/African/Caribbean/mixed-race law students at UVic, Thompson Rivers, and Allard. 


Bringing Black Law Students Together

Mid-February, I attended the Black Law Students' Association of Canada Conference as a panellist. It was an excellent, well-attended conference - I am consistently blown away by what the students create in their spare time, no less!